IT Platforms

Software and IT, whether available through open sources, purchased or developed in house, is an important source of  support for management planning. By using software correctly data become more widely accessible and available which supports the use and implementation of the plans.

Which software is suitable for an organization depends on many things. Consider, for example, the size of the organisation, the costs of the system, the hardware required to run the software package and the capacity of the employees. There is no one size fits all. Selecting the right tool and software requires a thorough analysis of the user friendliness and the outputs the software can produce. Before software is purchased or developed, we must consider what we want to do with it. The processes that must be supported by the software must be clear and well described in advance. Also the responsibilities for running and using the software and the accessibility have to be clearly defined.

Because many employees in nature conservation consider the use of software as being complicated, it is important that training is provided and that technical backup is available. The availability of user guidance, manuals and instructional videos is essential when introducing a new software program.