Europarc Federation

The EUROPARC Federation website hosts a toolbox with a wide variety of case studies, videos and toolkits on topics relevant to management planning for protected areas. The website of the EUROPARC Federation has a specific section attributed to (sustainable) tourism and protected areas, including a charter on tourism and protected areas. Through this charter the organisation aims to balance the need for the public to visit and recreate in protected areas without jeopardising the basic goals of protected areas; protecting biodiversity. The organisation calls upon members to become a “sustainable Destination”.

The topics covered include biodiversity conservation, climate change, capacity building, community involvement, ecosystem services, forestry, fresh water ecosystems, invasive species, large carnivores, sustainable agriculture and sustainable tourism.

The toolbox offers a lot of information on these topics but does not provide structured guidance on how to tackle issues as we intend to do with the Eurosite Management Planning Guidance.

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