Eurosite Management Planning Guidance (1999 & 2005)

Eurosite has published two management planning guides in the past. The first appeared in 1999 and aimed to provide guidance to help protected area managers produce management plans. This step-by-step guide describes the key principles for what we should do in management planning and how to do it. It uses a “pic-and-mix” approach so that each site manager can choose the most applicable sections.

In 2005, Eurosite developed a second guide that took management planning a step further and integrated the concepts of stakeholder involvement and the advent of the European Habitat Directive and the Convention on Biological Diversity. This guide is structured around five key stages: 1. Getting started: background and assembling “the team”, 2. Establishing working arrangements with key stakeholders, 3. Elaborating the main objectives and producing a work plan,  4. Designing a feedback and review process and 5. Approving the management plan.

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