Socio-economic features

This section is often used to explain how the area came to be the way it is. It usually covers the last 50-100 years, which informs our understanding of present day issues and perhaps, how to tackle them. The history of land use may help us understand the degree of ‘naturalness’ of the area, which in turn can inform thinking on the scope of restoration or rewilding efforts. A section on current use of the area is usually useful too, for example by describing where agricultural use could benefit and/or threaten the site through grazing or the use of pesticides. The same might apply to recreational pressures.

Looking at the future, it might be worthwhile to explore what potential the site has to provide ecosystem services such as flood storage or carbon sequestration.

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Moor House - Credit Natural England Allan Drewitt
Moor House - Credit Natural England Allan Drewitt