Designation status

Many Protected Areas are covered by a range of overlapping designations which might stretch from a National Park and a Natura 2000 status to a country-specific site type or a regional or local designation. Non-nature conservation designations may also be relevant, such as for historic sites. They all need to be listed and mapped in the plan. Each designation may have its own specific set of regulations, policy constraints and opportunities which may need to be explained.

As far as possible, plans for overlapping designations should be integrated (or there should even be a single plan). This requires detailed knowledge of the objectives and actions of each relevant designation.

In 2017, Eurosite members organised an international conference on integrated conservation management. The presentations on this page provide a good resource for further information.

Links to additional information

  • Example: Coordinated management and networking of Mediterranean wetlands - Regulatory Famework Report Verdier Marshes - English, French
Lake district - Credit Natural England Andrew Dumbleton
Lake district - Credit Natural England Andrew Dumbleton